Supporting Canada through quality, locally made products

    We believe that better hygiene and health are necessities for better lives. With a facility located in Drummondville, we strive to contribute to improving the quality of life of Canadians by manufacturing personal and incontinence products locally.

    A Strong Future in Drummondville

    We strive to make the lives of Quebecers better by manufacturing personal care and incontinence products locally.

    Our investment in the Drummondville includes:

    Quality, innovation and safety

    For us, it is essential to provide safe, high-performing, and quality products to our customers. As a responsible business partner, we hold our products to high standards of quality, innovation and safety. Quality products increase customer dignity, help reduce overconsumption, and reduce treatment costs and labor time. 

    We continually strive to meet the highest environmental requirements in Quebec, Canada, and internationally. Our Drummondville facility is ISO14001 certified in environmental management. We committed to reducing its environmental impact by placing greater emphasis on energy efficiency, the elimination of fossil fuels and the increased use of renewable energies. Buying local may also contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases related to the transport of goods. 


    Sustainability Initiatives

    Our Drummondville facility has not sent any production/process waste to landfills since 2013.