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    Get inspired by five interviews with experts talking about their respective research fields.

    Meet the experts of incontinence

    At TENA we are continuously collaborating with world leading researchers and experts in the field of elderly, continence, and skin care.

    Together we want to widen the knowledge and make sure everyone can take part of the latest research findings to implement in their work. Therefore, our new video series Meet the Experts was created with the aim to further share some of the extensive knowledge these experts have. We hope you will find these videos inspiring!

    We also lift the lid on some of our internal expertise, opening the doors to our customer research and innovation departments.

    "The preservation of dignity and quality of life"

    Dr. Adrian Wagg is a professor of healthy aging in the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta Canada and Professor of Continence Sciences at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

    His well-recognized research, with over 200 peer reviewed publications focuses on improving care for people with urinary incontinence, community engagement and the quality of care for older people in nursing homes. As a president of the Canadian Continence Foundation and holding the Alberta Health Services Chair in Healthy Aging he is also in various ways serving his local and national communities.

    Adrian has furthermore been active in clinical practice guideline development in his previous roles as Co-Chair of the International Consultation on Incontinence and General Secretary of the International Continence Society.

    Watch Adrian's video to start learning how modern technology can improve continence care. 

    "The future of person centered care is hopeful"

    Dr. Helle Wijk is a registered nurse and professor in nursing at the Institute of Health and Care Sciences at Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

    The focus areas of Helle’s research are geriatrics, person-centered care and the physical care environment. This means she is in different ways investigating how the care environment affects patients’ health and well being but also the staffs’ ability to implement person centered care.

    Helle has been researching this area ever since her doctoral thesis in 2001 where she investigated the color perception of older people at different ages and whether it was affected by cognitive impairment due to dementia. On the topic of incontinence she has for example researched how implementing a person-centered approach in incontinence care for older adults with cognitive decline affects quality of life and quality of care.

    Watch Helle's video to understand how a person-centered approach can be implemented in continence care and what the benefits are. 

    "The right product is always important. You can just imagine if you have too big or too small shoes, that will certainly influence your independence, and it's the same for incontinence products."

    Dr. Helle Wijk,

    "Skin care in incontinence is absolutely vital"

    Alan Cottenden is an Emeritus Professor of Incontinence Technology at UCL, an area he started to work on in 1981 and that has been his research focus ever since.

    After retiring from University College London he remains active in the field through various projects such as guest lectures, steering group committees, editorial board memberships, international standards work and consultancy. His long experience in the field is also proven by the around 300 journal papers, book chapters, refereed conference contributions and patent applications which he has written.

    In the early 1990s Alan initiated the biennial conference "Incontinence: The Engineering Challenge" with the purpose of informing, stimulating and inspiring the various stakeholders in continence technology and to develop more effective continence technology. Last but not least Alan has also participated in creating the first six International Consultations on Incontinence which is a well established and widely quoted set of guidelines on the management of urinary and fecal incontinence. 

    Watch Alan's video to learn more about why skin care is such an important part in incontinence care.

    "Fall in love with the problem and not the solution"

    Liselotte Andersson is a global consumer and customer insight director at TENA.

    She leads a team with the mission to become the experts on our customer and consumers and understand their needs, wants, and pains in order to feed in this knowledge to the development of the next generation TENA products and services. In order to do this the team interview thousands of customers each year, as well as visit them in their work and home environment to follow and learn about everyday life and tasks.

    Liselotte and her team are also showcasing new TENA products to our customers to get their feedback on what could be improved before it’s time to launch a new product to the market.

    Watch Liselotte's video to understand why it is so important for TENA to gain a deep understanding of our customers and consumers. 

    "We are here to create wellbeing for our customers and consumers"

    Torbjörn Rudmark is a global brand innovation manager at TENA. In his work Torbjörn together with his team are developing the next generation of sustainable TENA products while making sure that a decreased carbon footprint does not come at the cost of quality leakage security, skin health or comfort.

    To his help he has colleagues working with material development, product design, lab testing, environmental experts, and not the least feedback from our users. An important tool in Torbjörn’ s work is product life cycle analysis, with this he can calculate a product’s total environmental impact from raw material to recycling or incineration.

    Watch Torbjörn's video to learn more about what we at TENA are doing now and in the future to improve our carbon footprint.

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