Together for better continence care

    TENA Solutions is our integrated offering with innovative products, best-practice care routines, tools, training and expert support. By working together we can improve resident wellbeing, staff satisfaction, budget and environment.

    Case Study

    TENA assists in implementing an individualized continence care program. Results indicate positive outcomes at both resident care and operational levels.

    TENA Solutions Creates Partnerships

    TENA Solutions is an efficient way of working in a partnership where we help care homes to find, implement and sustain measurable improvements within continence and personal hygiene care.

    Provide each individual resident with the right products and individualised care and create lasting effects throughout your entire care home. To implement TENA Solutions is a proven way to improve resident wellbeing. The usage of the right products and routines for each individual not only promotes continence and good skin health, it also improves the working atmosphere, your budget and your environmental footprint.

    95 %

    "Where TENA Solutions is implemented around the world, the results show clear care improvement in 95% of the care homes."[1]

    Working Together

    3-Step Process

    Our three-step process that helps you find, implement and sustain major improvements in your continence care plan.



    We assess your care home routines to find areas for improvement in your care home. Then we create an action plan and conduct a test implementation of TENA Solutions. After the test we provide you with the results and show you the measurable improvements.


    When we initiate and execute the action plan we make sure that you have expert support and guidance throughout the entire process. Our experts at TENA will train, coach and support your staff in their daily work as TENA Solutions is implemented. Your staff will be supported with everything from implementing the individual care plans to the good-practice product selection as well as personal hygiene and continence care routines.


    In this phase we follow up on the results and measure how the implemented actions have made a difference. This is a repeated monitoring process since TENA Solutions is about continuous improvements. The results from this monitoring and measuring are used to create new action plans that help you improve even further.

    44 %

    Time saved on individual personal hygiene and continence care lowers incontinence-related costs. [2]

    47 %

    Using the right products and following individualized routines leads to fewer incontinence-related tasks and frees up more time for more rewarding care. [2]

    Best practice routines

    We have worked together with healthcare professionals for over 50 years. Thanks to our many years of professional partnerships we have developed best-practice routines for personal hygiene and continence care, that have been implemented all over the world.

    Combined with our high quality innovative products and access to expert support when you need it, TENA Solutions is an integrated approach that helps you find, implement and sustain improvements in your continence care work.

    Increase resident wellbeing

    Our individual care plans lead to improved continence care that not only delivers more dignity but also offers greater independence. Care homes that have implemented TENA Solutions experience2,3:

    • Fewer unnecessary interruptions for product changes 
    • Less leakage
    • More comfortable daily hygiene
    • Improved skin health

    TENA Solutions for continence care

    Improve your working atmosphere

    Every carer should always feel confident about the care they provide. With our easy-to-follow care protocols your daily care routines will run smoother and free up time for more rewarding care. With TENA solutions your staff can:

    • Wash less laundry
    • Get proven best-practice care routines
    • Avoid unnecessary product changes
    • Perform less intrusive skincare
    • Enjoy a better working atmosphere

    TENA Solutions for continence care image

    Better budget control

    With individualized care, you reduce product consumption, laundry costs, waste, and money spent on skin treatment. We help you incorporate best practices for individual care in an efficient way that leads to measurable results both in terms of residents' health and overall costs. For example you can:

    • Lower product consumption
    • Lower skincare costs

    • Lower laundry costs

    • Lower waste costs

    • Help improve employee efficiency

    • Meet regulatory requirements more easily

    TENA Solutions for continence care Image

    Better environment

    When you remove unnecessary product usage you lower your waste and decrease your environmental footprint. Another great reason to work with individualized care. With TENA Solutions implemented you:

    • Lower consumption of incontinence products
    • Lower consumption of skincare & cleansing products
    • Lower energy consumption
    • Reduce material waste

    TENA Solutions for continence care