Promoting Resident-Centric Care

    Optimizing Continence Care For Improved Resident Well-being. TENA Portraits™ allows customers to optimize their incontinence programs by providing a deeper understanding of their residents.

    Specifically developed to focus on residents’ personal needs, TENA Portraits™ provides actionable insights based on your home’s unique resident demographics. This allows for a better understanding of your residents’ needs in comparison to the products and resources being utilized.

    TENA Portraits™ Advantages

    • TENA Portraits™ was developed specifically based on customer and resident needs and insights.
    • Through TENA Portraits™ we created a common language around residents, focusing on the unique needs of the resident and their specific toileting and product recommendations
    • Through TENA Portraits™ we look at residents’ personal needs and provide actionable insights based on the homes’ resident demographics.
    • Allowing the home to optimize its continence program by providing a deeper understanding of their residents in comparison to the products and resources that they are currently using.


    TENA Portraits™ At-A-Glance

    • Better management of your staff work-load
    • Increased cost efficiencies
    • Improved product mix
    • Greater control of product inventory and incontinence budget
    • Better understanding of residents’ individual needs
    • Improved care practices
    • Happier residents and staff

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