TENA SmartCare Identifi™

    A female professional caregiver and an elderly female resident talking together in a nursing home environment

    The key to accurate continence assessment

    Person-centred means focusing on what makes every resident unique, discovering what's important to them, and putting their needs first. But to do this, you have to understand those needs.

    TENA SmartCare Identifi™ is a digital solution designed to help carry out an accurate continence assessment. This assessment provides professional caregivers with the information they need to truly understand the individual challenges each resident is facing.

    Clinical Study

    To find out more about the cost effectiveness of digital technologies to aiding the assessment of toileting and containment care needs, please access our Canadian Clinical Study.

    Complete TENA SmartCare Identifi solution in packaging, incl Sensor Wear and logger

    This is TENA SmartCare Identifi

    With TENA SmartCare Identifi as part of your continence assessment, your residents will benefit from a higher standard of person-centred care. Your nursing home will also benefit as TENA SmartCare Identifi is proven to help create greater value - from resident wellbeing and staff satisfaction to a more efficient use of time and resources.

    Get the right information, deliver the right level of care

    Close-up showing a female professional caregiver holding the hands of an elderly male resident

    TENA SmartCare Identifi

    TENA SmartCare Identifi discreetly monitors a resident's voiding habits over a continuous 72-hour period. As it does this, it generates a detailed voiding report unique to the resident. The information in the report is then used to create a person-centered care plan that includes:

    • The right toileting times
    • The right incontinence product type, size and absorption level
    • Appropriate skin care products
    • Goals and activities that promote continence and support independence
    Person-centerd care plans can also include the TENA SmartCare Change Indicator™ - a digital TENA healthcare solution that notifies caregivers when it's time to change absorbent products without the need for frequent manual checks.

    How TENA SmartCare Identifi works

    The full benefits of TENA SmartCare Identifi


    * ARCTICC study on TENA SmartCare Identifi by University of Alberta, Canada, 2018 - data on file, submitted for peer reviewed publication. 

    ** ARCTICC study on TENA SmartCare Identifi by University of Alberta, Canada, 2018 - data on file, submitted for peer reviewed publication.