Continence Education for Front Line Care Providers

    Essity, the maker of the leading brand TENA®, and Conestoga College's Schlegel Centre for Advancing Seniors Care have developed virtual resources for unregulated care providers (UCPs, i.e. personal support workers and nursing aides) who support nursing home residents.

    These online educational videos cover several critical topics within continence care. They promote evidence-based and person-centered continence care by guiding unregulated UCPs through best practices using case studies focused on residents' needs. In addition, Charlie and Beth’s full educational module is embedded within the TENA U platform as a full eLearning module focusing on ‘A Long Term Care Resident Living with Functional & Urinary Continence’ and ‘A Long Term Care Resident Living with Overflow Urinary Incontinence’.

    COMING SOON: Sarah ‘ Long Term Care Resident experiencing Incontinence Associated Dermatitis. This module follows the experiences of Sarah, A Long Term Care Resident who has both fecal and urinary incontinence that is negatively impacting the integrity of the perineal skin. This module offers learning related to skin function, how to complete skin assessments and how to implement TENA Proskin Solutions to maintain skin health through best practices.

    The ultimate goal of these videos is to better prepare front-line staff to manage incontinence and deliver better care outcomes at the resident level.

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    Long-term residents with incontinence

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