Fixation pants

    Fixation pants designed to hold incontinence pads securely in place

    The TENA range of washable and reusable fixation pants holds incontinence products securely in place. Regardless if it’s smaller pads or large, shaped incontinence pads, the fixation pants hold the pad in place to help reduce the risk of urine leakage while maximizing comfort. The mesh pants, primarily intended for short-time use, to underwear-like cotton mixtures, for comfortable daily use. TENA’s fixation pants have a stretchy unisex design to minimize pressure points, yet a reliable fixation and a great fit. To maximize the usage of the reusable fixation pants, they can all be washed at 140°F/60°C degrees and tumble-dried on low heat. Doing so, they can be worn again and again without losing shape.

    TENA Fixation pants

    TENA ProSkin™ Comfort Pants | Fixation pants

    Designed to hold incontinence pads securely in place