TENA ProSkin endorsed by Skin Health Alliance

    TENA ProSkin Accredited by Skin Health Alliance

    TENA ProSkin products are designed to help you provide the best care for fragile skin, which we know is one of our customers’ top priorities. Our products are always developed with our customers’ input and designed with their needs in mind. Gaining Skin Health Alliance (SHA) endorsement by meeting tough standards across safety, efficacy, ethics and sustainability is part of our commitment to creating quality products our customers know they can trust.

    Driving up standards of care

    We want our customers to have total confidence in TENA ProSkin products. As the Skin Health Alliance (SHA) independently assesses the research and development behind skin care products, its stamp of approval gives our customers peace of mind that leading skin health experts are convinced of the quality of TENA ProSkin. We are always looking to innovate and improve our products to help you drive up standards of care for those living with incontinence.

    Skin Health Alliance (SHA) logo

    Choose endorsed products for guaranteed quality

    When you see the Skin Health Alliance (SHA) logo on TENA ProSkin products you can be sure that TENA ProSkin products are skin friendly, the skin health benefits of TENA ProSkin are independently verified and that TENA ProSkin products have a minimised impact on the environment.

    Putting healthy skin on the map

    Dedicated to championing healthy skin worldwide, the Skin Health Alliance (SHA) is a leading international skin health organisation working with dermatologists, scientists and the skin care industry. The SHA offers customers a guarantee of standards in skin health. Its committee of experts has awarded professional endorsement to skin protection products carrying the SHA logo. Part of the SHA’s core mission is to support skin health charities around the world.

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    Working towards better skin health

    With our TENA ProSkin product range we want to give the very best support to our customers in keeping fragile skin healthy. That’s why we’ve made sure all TENA ProSkin products have been assessed and endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance’s (SHA) committee of independent dermatologists, scientists and experts.

    Striving for sustainability

    We care about the environment, and we know our customers do too. The Skin Health Alliance (SHA) assesses the environmental impact of the research, design, manufacture, packaging and disposal of skin care products so our customers can be assured that TENA ProSkin reaches the highest standards in sustainability.