When they can't let you know, the TENA SmartCare Change Indicator™ does it for them

    Increased wellbeing and greater efficiency

    The TENA SmartCare Change Indicator™ uses the latest technology to help caregivers understand when incontinence products need to be changed if residents are unable to communicate their needs. This means increased wellbeing for residents and greater efficiency in care homes.

    Revolutionary new technology from TENA

    The TENA SmartCare Change Indicator™ is a ground-breaking digital health technology solution that can help transform elderly care. A reusable sensor, easily attached to the outside of the absorbent product, tracks the degree of urine saturation. When it is time to consider change, caregivers are notified via the TENA SmartCare Professional Care app in their smartphone. All notifications and other data can be reviewed in the TENA SmartCare dashboard to help care homes follow-up and improve incontinence care.

    Increased wellbeing and dignity for residents

    It can be challenging to know when incontinence products need to be changed. Checking them too often can disrupt residents’ daily activities and sleep unnecessarily. Whereas not checking enough can lead to leakages and skin exposure to urine. With the Change Indicator, caregivers will no longer have to carry out frequent manual checks, which means less intrusion and more dignity for the residents.

    • Less intrusion and more dignity
    • Fewer disruptions to sleep and daytime activities
    • Less risk of leakages and skin exposure to urine

    Increased care efficiency in care homes

    The Change Indicator offers an opportunity to increase the efficiency in care homes. More incontinence products can be changed at the right time – not too soon or too late. Efficient routines optimize the staff workload and give more time for other care tasks. In short, resources can be used more efficiently, and it will be possible to work towards a truly individualized continence care.

    • Better routines
    • Optimized workload
    • Improved resource utilization
    Increased care efficiency in care homes

    Increased staff satisfaction

    TENA SmartCare Change Indicator can contribute to a better work situation and increased job satisfaction in many ways:

    • Reduced workload thanks to fewer unnecessary manual checks
    • Less need to disrupt residents’ daily activities and sleeping habits
    • More content residents and less stress

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    Better overview with the TENA SmartCare dashboard

    All data on notifications, incontinence product changes, response times and status of residents’ Change Indicators is easily accessible via the TENA SmartCare dashboard. This overview of incontinence care activities can be used to facilitate planning and optimize routines.

    Designed for TENA absorbent products

    There’s no need to switch from the TENA products your residents are comfortable with. The Change Indicator is designed for use with TENA ProSkin Super and Ultra Briefs, TENA Flex Briefs, and TENA Underwear. 

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    Developed to support caregivers

    The Change Indicator can make a big difference, especially when caring for residents who may not be able to reliably communicate their needs. Please observe, though, that while the Change Indicator is designed to support staff by helping them decide when to change absorbent products, it should never replace their own professional judgement. Likewise, it is not a replacement for individual care plans developed using TENA Identifi™ or other knowledge-based assessment methods.

    TENA SmartCare™ – A new range of digital health technology solutions

    TENA SmartCare™ – A new range of digital health technology solutions

    At TENA, we know what it is to care. That’s why we’ve launched TENA SmartCare™ – a new range of digital health technology solutions to help transform care. Combining our world-leading expertise with the latest technology, it places human connection, driven by tech, at its heart. Beside the TENA SmartCare Change Indicator, the range includes TENA Identifi™. While the Change Indicator is a 24/7 solution notifying when caregivers should consider change of incontinence products, TENA Identifi is a 72-hour solution for assessment of the residents’ needs.

    Read more about TENA Identifi

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Click below for answers to some of the most common questions about the TENA SmartCare Change Indicator.

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    Sounds interesting? Get in touch!

    A limited number of care homes will be offered to evaluate and implement the Change Indicator in the early launch phase. For more information, or to register your interest, please get in touch via the link below or contact your local TENA representative.

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    The TENA SmartCare Change Indicator is a Medical Device Class 1.

    Ensure you have received training and/or have read and understood the instructions for use before using the system. The TENA SmartCare Change Indicator is not a measuring tool. It provides information on urine saturation levels to support decision making regarding when TENA incontinence products should be changed. It does not replace normal safety checks and routines for repositioning residents, checking for feces, administering medication, etc. Do not use on residents who experience frequent fecal incontinence. TENA SmartCare Change Indicator does not detect fecal episodes. In the event of system failure or anticipated system failure, revert to your normal check and change routine. If you encounter any problems, equipment failure or if any other incidents occur, report them to the manufacturer or call TENA SmartCare support on 1-800-510-8023.

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