Recommending incontinence protection for every stage in a woman’s life

    Adult women’s bodies change throughout multiple life cycles, and the likelihood of experiencing incontinence increases as they age. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key life stages women experience, and how you can help make them easier by recommending the right TENA products. Your service and expertise will keep your customers coming back over a lifetime of changes.

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    Because childbirth weakens the pelvic floor, it’s common for women to experience little leaks when they laugh, cough, or sneeze after giving birth. Post-partum incontinence is very common. TENA products hold the top spot on the market and using premium products can help new mothers stay fresh, comfortable and confident while their bodies recover.

    TENA Light liners are thin and discreet, and offer Triple Protection from leaks, odor and moisture. Alternatively, TENA pads offer secure, discreet protection against drips and leaks.

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    There are 48 symptoms of the menopause (yes, 48!) and bladder weakness is one of the most common. This is mainly because the body produces less oestrogen, which plays an important part in keeping the bladder and urinary tract healthy. Reduced oestrogen levels can result in symptoms like urinary frequency (needing to pee more often), urgency (which sometimes means women can’t quite make it to the loo in time) and urine leakage.

    Advise customers that pelvic floor exercises can help control the bladder and little leaks, and lifestyle changes like avoiding caffeine and alcohol (which can irritate the bladder) can help too. TENA is a trusted name in incontinence care. Recommend our discreet, secure products to offer women peace of mind and a boost of confidence that will keep them coming back to your store.

    TENA Lights Sensitive is made with a soft top layer that’s extra gentle on delicate menopausal skin, and provides Triple Protection from odour, leaks and moisture.

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    Senior years

    As we age, other forms of incontinence can occur. Functional incontinence happens when people can’t get to the bathroom in time due to mobility issues, other physical or mental impairment, or environmental factors such as poor lightning, or clothing that may be difficult to remove and put on. Mixed urinary incontinence is a common condition in seniors - more so for senior women. This means they can experience symptoms of both urge incontinence (where there’s an urgent need to pee, and they don´t always make it in time.) and stress incontinence (which occurs when sneezing, laughing, or exercising).

    There are various medical conditions that are more common to have as we get older that can affect bladder control and function. There are also different medications that are more common to use as we get older with side-effects that impact the bladder, such as diuretics.

    Recommending products that will help your customers retain their independence will help you gain their trust and loyalty. TENA Incontinence Pants pull up like everyday underwear, for comfort and discretion. They’re made with advanced moisture-reducing technologies to ensure dryness, leakage security and odour control. TENA Proskin Pants Night are specially designed for night-time use with Lie Down Protection for extra absorbency at the back.

    Senior skin is more fragile and slower to heal than young skin, and ongoing exposure to urine and faeces can cause irritation, itching and infection. It’s important to keep intimate areas clean and dry, and using TENA 3-in-1 Wash Cream between baths or showers helps keep delicate skin clean and protected, without having to use soap and water.

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