Incontinence pads for women

Discover TENA´s broad range of incredible protection for small urine leaks up to large leaks - all especially designed for women. The incontinence pads are ideal when experiencing those unpredictable urine leaks when exercising, laughing or just going about your everyday life. With the incontinence pads you can feel dry and confident with the security you need and the discretion you want, both day and night.

The bladder weakness pads come in different shapes, length, colors and absorbency levels to best meet your needs, all with odour control. They all have fast absorption and quickly locks in urine leaks deep inside the pad, away from the skin for a dry, fresh and comfortable feeling.

The trusted incontinence pads for women from TENA are the perfect everyday choice for any women with bladder weakness. Go about your life as usual without worrying about those urine leaks that can be so unpredictable.

A woman holding a package of TENA discreet incontinence pads

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TENA ProSkin Day Light | Incontinence pads

Secure pads for small urine leaks

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Incontinence underwear for women

Beautifully discreet, TENAs range of women’s incontinence underwear are secure against urine leaks and odour. The feminine bladder weakness panties come in different styles, colours and sizes with freedom to match with clothes and occasions. The ideal solution for women with bladder leakage. Just like underwear. Protects like TENA.

Incontinence underwear for women | Stylish bladder weakness panties

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TENA Ultimate | Incontinence Underwear

TENA Protective Incontinence Underwear with ultimate absorbency

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TENA Overnight Underwear | Incontinence Underwear

Nighttime underwear for heavy incontinence

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