TENA Ultimate | Incontinence Underwear

TENA® Ultimate Underwear is designed to protect against heavy urine leakage while remaining comfortable and discreet. It has a stronger more absorbent core, improved leg gathers to protect against leakage, and softer and more comfortable against your skin. TENA Ultimate Underwear provides triple protection against leaks, odour, and wetness.

  • Focused on Leakage Protection
  • Dual barrier system
  • Highly absorbent core

Product benefits

Focused on Leakage Protection

Elastic leg gathers fit snugly against your skin to protect against leaks and channel liquid back towards the absorbent core.

Dual barrier system

Ensures protection while lying down and getting up.

Highly absorbent core

Innovative W-shaped absorbent zone conforms to the curves of the body providing a closer fit, channeling away liquids from the skin.

Odour Protection

Designed with an odour neutralizing pH balance of our super absorbent technology that works to stop odour before it starts.

Product facts


Waist Sizes

86 cm to 112 cm

Available in packages:

Consumer pack: 14 pcs

Waist Sizes

114 cm to 147 cm

Available in packages:

Consumer pack: 13 pcs

Waist Sizes

140 cm to 168 cm

Available in packages:

Consumer pack: 11 pcs