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A better night’s sleep for your loved one, and for you

A good night's sleep is incredibly important for your loved one’s health, and yours as well. But when you’re caring for an elderly person with incontinence, getting a full night’s sleep isn’t always easy. That’s why we developed TENA Intimates (R) Overnight Underwear with Lie Down Protection – specifically designed to ensure a better night’s sleep for those you care for, and for you.  
When it comes to your health, and the health of those you love, sleep is as vital as diet and exercise. Regular periods of uninterrupted sleep are a sacred thing to most of us: we all need to recover and revitalize, to repair muscle tissue, and produce hormones. Sleep increases our ability to concentrate, reduces the risk of heart disease, and strengthens our immune system.  
For older people in need of special care, there are also risks involved in unassisted nighttime trips to the bathroom. Research1 of over 400 falls that occurred among hospitalized patients over the age of 60 showed that more than 1/3 of all falls were related to toileting, and almost half of these occurred at night. The study also showed that the majority of falls happened due to lack of sufficient assistance.  
Conditions at home may be very different, of course. But it's clear that hurried trips to the bathroom alone at night do carry a risk for older people. There are several things a caregiver can do to reduce this risk, and a good nighttime routine is crucial. Knowing they have a reliable TENA product can also give your loved one peace of mind, for example when heading to the bathroom carefully during the night, or waiting for assistance to arrive. 
TENA Intimates (R) Overnight Underwear are specifically designed for use at night. With a high-absorbing double core with fast inlet and anti-leakage barriers, they keep fragile skin drier and protected for longer. They also support self-toileting and are as easy to put on and pull off as normal underwear, encouraging greater independence. 
Made of breathable, textile-like materials that allow air to circulate, and offering Triple Protection for dryness, softness and leakage security, TENA Intimates (R) Overnight Underwear have an excellent success rate. Fully 99% of caregivers say the underwear feels dry all night2 Finally, like all products in the TENA Intimates (R) range, they have been accredited by the Skin Health Alliance. 
Do you have a loved one who is experiencing sleep disturbances due to bladder issues? Learn more about TENA Intimates (R) Overnight Underwear and where to buy them or order a free sample.  
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