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TENA Stylish Incontinence Underwear

Not your ordinary kind of incontinence underwear

Like nothing you’ve ever seen before, yet oddly familiar. That’s how we’d like you to experience the new TENA Stylish, designed to fit, look and feel just like underwear. Match it with your favorite bra, or go without if that’s more you. With triple protection you’ll feel safe and dry, day and night.

TENA Stylish has been carefully innovated based on the needs and opinions of women from all over the world – to help you stay confident, and keep on enjoying all the wonderful things there are in life - love, laughter and new experiences.

Mix and match with anything you like

Incontinence underwear doesn’t have to look any different from regular underwear. And we think you should be able to wear, pair and use them just the way you like it. One day with your favorite pair of jeans, the other day with a beautiful lacy bra.

Find your favorite TENA Stylish underwear

There’s a TENA Stylish for every woman, and for every occasion. 
Choose between our TENA Stylish and TENA Stylish Black. Available in sizes S/M to XL.
Real underwear look and feel

Real underwear look and feel

Reliable protection, still discreet and underwear-like to match your style and mood.
Feather comfort

Feather comfort

Soft, breathable micro-stretch fabric follows the contours of your body.
TRU Color

TRU Color

TENA Stylish Black is beautifully discreet inside and out, thanks to a smart pigment technique called TRU color.

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