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Designed for a good night's sleep: incontinence pads you can count on

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important to your health – every bit as vital as diet and exercise. TENA Intimates Extra Coverage Overnight pads are specially designed for nighttime protection so you can sleep well, with fewer disturbances, and wake up refreshed.

There’s a reason why regular uninterrupted sleep is sacred to most of us: it rejuvenates muscle tissue, synthesizes hormones, and consolidates memories. Sleep also increases our ability to concentrate, strengthens our immune system, and reduces the risk of heart disease.  
At TENA we know women want that familiar reliability and comfort when it comes to incontinence protection. We also know their protective needs are different at night. This is because if you sleep on your side or your back, much of the urine that leaks out will encounter the pad toward the rear rather than the front. Without proper protection this can result in over-hydration and other unwelcome skin issues. But the first thing to suffer may be your sleep. 
As many as one in three women experience some form of urinary leakage, while one in four is obliged to get up several times per night to pee. It also turns out that 78% of women with bladder weakness don’t use purpose-made products at all. At TENA we think it’s a shame that so many people are dealing with sleep disturbances that might be avoided. 
TENA Intimates Extra Coverage Overnight pads have been shown to have an excellent success rate at night. And of course, like the rest of the TENA Pads, Intimates Extra Coverage Overnight pads are dermatologically tested, featuring Triple Protection™ from leaks, moisture, and Odor Control  
Are you experiencing sleep disturbances due to bladder issues? Learn more about TENA Intimates Extra Coverage Overnight pads and where to buy it or order a free sample.  
*Compared to TENA Intimates Ultimate Pads