TENA Men™ Super Plus | Protective incontinence underwear

TENA Men Protective Underwear fits close to the body and is designed to look and feel like regular underwear. Featuring elastic threads for a fit that stays in place, this underwear can be easily pulled on and off, and has tear-away sides for efficient removal. The core helps effectively move liquid away from the skin to help you take control of moderate to heavy bladder leakage protection.

  • Triple Protection
  • Masculine and discreet
  • Secure fit

Product benefits

Triple Protection

Protection from leaks, odor and moisture.
Masculine and Discreet

Masculine and discreet

Masculine style, elastic waistband, discreet cut.
Secure Fit

Secure fit

Flexible material.
Secure absorption zone

Secure absorption zone

Designed for heavy absorbency to lock in liquid.

Product facts


Waist Sizes

86 cm to 127 cm

Available in packages:

Consumer pack: 16 pcs

Waist Sizes

112 cm to 162 cm

Available in packages:

Consumer pack: 14 pcs

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