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Guards for Men

TENA's incontinence shields and guards for men offer secure protection against drops and dribbles up to large urine leaks and surges. TENA Men products have a discreet design and are equipped with super absorption upfront where men need it the most.

The range of incontinence shields and guards for men come in different shapes, sizes and absorbency levels so you can find the best product to keep control of your needs. They are easy to adhere to your regular underwear.

No matter which incontinence product you choose, you’ll enjoy discreet, comfortable and effective everyday protection against any urine leakage. Take control and stay as active as you want want with the TENA Men protective shields and guards made specially for men.

TENA Male protectors specially designed for men

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TENA Men™ Protective Shield Light | Incontinence pad

Men's shield designed for light urine leakage

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TENA Men™ Maximum Guard | Incontinence pad

Men's guard designed for maximum urine leakage

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