Eating Correctly and Incontinence

Bladder Friendly Recipes and Food Tips for Managing Overactive Bladders

If you experience incontinence, what you eat and drink can play a big factor in the severity of your symptoms. There is no set diet for incontinence that will allevate an overactive bladder, but what you eat or drink and how much can have an impact on the level of control you have over your bladder. With some helpful food tips for those with an overactive bladder, what to eat and drink can reduce the urge to urinate, promote a healthy bladder and kidneys, and improve control of your pelvic muscles.

Food Tips to Maintain Bladder Health

Bladder Friendly Recipes

Each month we share a new bladder friendly recipe you can try at home. These recipes contain ingredients that don't irritate your bladder while being sweet, savory, and nutritious. You can get these recipes and other beneficial information on exercise, travel, or outfits that help those with incontinence manage their lifestyle and get back to living their lives. Sign up here to receive our monthly newsletter.

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