Together for Better Continence Care

TENA Solutions is an integrated offering that consists of innovative products, best-practice care routines, tools, training and expert support. It is an efficient way of working in partnership, where we help care homes find, implement and sustain quantifiable improvements within continence and personal hygiene care. Together, with individualized care at heart, we improve and document resident well-being, working atmosphere, budget and the environmental footprint. And you see the evidence to prove it.

Today TENA Solutions has been proven in more than 500 care homes around the world. Over 98% see clear improvements in resident well-being1. At the same time, staff find more time for more rewarding care and managers can lower total costs.

If you want to find out more how you and your residents can benefit from TENA Solutions, please contact your local TENA representative.

time saved less leakage reduced skin irritations waste reductions

Innovative Products

Incontinence protection such as TENA Flex and TENA Pants has been developed with both residents and caregivers in mind. Our products offer excellent protection along with more security and easier handling. The TENA Skincare and Cleansing range is designed for elderly and sensitive skin.

Best-Practice Routines

We have worked in close liaison with healthcare professionals for over 40 years to develop best-practice routines that take personal hygiene and continence care to a new level. TENA Guidelines help continence promotion, incontinence management, personal hygiene and skin health, and facilitate regulatory compliance (ISO 15621).

Expert Support

Dedicated TENA experts support you with training sessions that promote good practice individualized care. They also provide hands-on coaching. TENA account managers help you make analyses of efficiency and cost improvements.