The TENA Brand by SCA

Our work is never done, thanks to you. You decide where we focus our attention. You and individuals give us the benchmark for testing products and starting on the next innovation. That's why our innovations focus on improving the quality of life for individuals, lowering caregiving workloads, and easing the strain on budgets. With a wide variety of customers and end-users across the globe, we get a huge amount of feedback and insight from you and your colleagues. These ideas give us real value - and we firmly believe in giving that value back through innovative products and services that help you in your job.

Modern products for incontinence management

TENA Flex™ and TENA Protective Underwear are modern, innovative products for moderate to heavy incontinence, and feature the latest technology. Designed with both the end user and the caregiver in mind, these products offer excellent protection along with more security, dignity and easier handling.


Developed with both caregiver and end-user needs in mind, TENA Flex™ combines the comfort of a two-piece system with the security of an All-in-One, consisting of a highly absorbent core attached to a Superfit belt for fitting around the hips. This unique fixation system means TENA Flex™ does not unnecessarily cover the skin in material. It is extremely easy to fit - with or without assistance - which can make all the difference for many individuals and caregivers. Especially important for many caregivers, TENA Flex™ helps to reduce back strain. TENA Flex™ fits both men and women, and is available in two absorption levels and two sizes.

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TENA Protective Underwear

Worn just like normal underwear, TENA Protective Underwear provides superior protection against leakage thanks to an integrated absorption core and the excellent absorption and retention technology of The TENA InstaDri Skin-Caring System™. TENA Protective Underwear features absorbencies for light to moderate (Protective Underwear Plus) and heavy needs. As a result, TENA Protective Underwear is an ideal choice for individuals needing high protection and/or for use at night. Easy to put on, the all-round elastic waist ensures a snug, body-close fit. The product also features Odour Control, as well as tear-away side seams which make it easy to remove and dispose of. Available in up to four sizes.

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New drier protection with The TENA InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ for outstanding dryness

The TENA InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ is an innovation across the full line of medium-to-heavy incontinence protection, giving exceptional dry performance. Products that are dry and gentle on the skin can be the key to helping individuals with their bladder conditions. That’s vital for their health, comfort, and security. It also has a far-reaching impact on care-giving relatives, caregivers' workloads and overall costs.

Better quality of life for individuals
For those living with incontinence, dryness and happiness go hand in hand. The TENA InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ performance helps individuals go about life confidently and comfortably.

More time for care
When professional care is needed, The TENA InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ can help reduce the amount of pad and bed linen changing, and skincare treatments. Less of this routine work means less heavy and awkward lifting and more time for more rewarding care.