How can TENA Programs support you?

That's up to you. TENA provides a variety of Programs that can help in supporting the individualized care you are supporting in the continuum of care. Rather than supplying a pre-packaged service, it's more often about cooperating with you to address your particular needs.

Cooperation with nursing homes

TENA Programs support health care practicitioners to achieve best-practice incontinence management through the principles of individualized care. With such care, you can improve the well-being of individuals and improve staff morale and, at the same time, lower the total cost of incontinence management. Product consumption, leakage, skin treatments, caregiver stress and the associated costs are all reduced. Click here to find out more.

Other services available

But it's not just about nursing homes – we also have professional services for you even if you're not involved in full-time residential care. If you're working in home care or in a hospital, if you're a pharmacist, a doctor or a nurse, then we can supply help as well as products. Click here to take a look at the other clinical support services from TENA.