Introducing the NEWEST Innovation

Combining our new ProSkin Technology Innovation with TENA Triple Protection

Introducing NEW ProSkin Technology

For Your Skin’s Natural Protection

ProSkin Technology includes our new soft top layer and exclusive 3D technology to quickly wick fluid away - helping to maintain your skin’s natural protection. The best way to help prevent skin damage due to incontinence is to keep the skin dry, and our patented ProSkin Technology minimizes the potential for your skin to get overhydrated, which breaks down your natural layer of protection. Thanks to ProSkin Technology, TENA Intimates helps to maintain your skin’s natural protection.

Exclusive 3D technology for quick inlet

Soft and gentle top layer improves comfort

Cushiony foam side barriers are soft and gentle on skin

A flexible core moves with you

Same Great Absorbency –Now with ProSkin Technology For Fresh and Clean Intimate Skin

See Our New Line of TENA Intimates

TENA Intimates has the same great absorbency you know and love, offering triple protection from leaks, odor, and moisture. The odor protection helps to provide a feeling of freshness, while the quick wicking of ProSkin Technology helps you feel clean and dry. Intimate skin is more delicate than the rest of the body, so proper and consistent care for your intimate skin is especially important when dealing with incontinence.

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Heavy Long Pad

Ultimate Pad

Ultra Thin Light Pad Regular

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