Professionals in Primary Care Settings - how can we help you?

An increasingly large elderly population means that incontinence is probably taking more and more of your time. And it's not just the elderly – incontinence can affect individuals of all ages. Please know that TENA is ready to help.

We can help you select the right products and provide information on the best practices for continence care. We can help improve the quality of life for individuals of all ages, as well as support the family members and professional caregivers.

For individuals living with light to moderate incontinence, high quality absorbent products can help them live a normal life with minimal disruption as a result of their bladder condition.

For older adults, effective incontinence management can mean avoiding a dramatic change in their lifestyle. Quite simply, high quality TENA products can help make incontinence care at home a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

At the same time, incontinence is an all-too-frequent reason for individuals to need full-time residential care in a community setting.

Throughout the rest of the site, you can find valuable tips for working with incontinence and talking with individuals.