The Power of Pilates

Did you know that the power of Pilates can benefit your pelvic floor muscles and in turn help with the Unexpected Leak™? But let’s get to know our pelvic floor muscles a little more before we work them out! The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that attach to the front, back and sides of the bottom of the pelvis and sacrum. Think of them as a hammock, comfortably supporting the bladder, uterus, prostate and rectum.

Locating these muscles can be tricky, since they’re not as obvious as your biceps or triceps. One easy way to find them is to try stopping the flow of urine. If you can do this, you’ll feel the pelvic floor muscles in action. Now, let’s work those pelvic floor muscles with the power of Pilates! But what exactly is Pilates? Well, Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement that is aimed at stretching and strengthening your body, particularly the abdomen and back muscles. In Pilates, the pelvic floor muscles are a natural muscular support when doing abdominal and core exercises. With a stronger abdomen, comes a stronger pelvic floor which helps the muscles that control your bladder. But when those pelvic floor muscles weaken, incontinence can occur.

You can do this easy exercise at home to tone your pelvic floor to help manage the Unexpected Leak™ so you can keep being the active and confident you. Follow these instructions, making sure you focus on your breathing:

  • Be sure to lie flat on your back with a neutral spine
  • Next, lift your feet up, ensuring your knees are bent and your shins are parallel to the floor
  • Take your finger tips and put them on your hips
  • Now, open up your right leg, motioning it to the side. Make sure your left leg remains stable. Then return your right leg to the centre position
  • Repeat with your left leg
  • Try your best to do 8 reps on each side

The goal of this exercise is to keep a perfectly still pelvis. You should feel the weight stay center on the sacrum. Use your hands to ensure your hips are staying still and pointed towards the ceiling throughout the move. Keep this up for a few weeks and you should notice fewer Unexpected Leaks™ due to those strong pelvic floor muscles! An effective Pilates program not only benefits you physically, but mentally as well. It helps clears your mind, improve your concentration and memory, and can provide you with inner serenity. It also helps with coordination, balance and flexibility; as well as increasing your lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing. How good does that all sound?

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