TENA Technology Odor Control

A lot of technology goes into TENA products to protection security against leaks. To provide the most discreet products, we want to make sure you're protected from wetness and odor. Confidence is the key whether you're out enjoying your day or home with family.

pH Balanced to fight Odor

When it comes to odor control, you may wonder how TENA manages to provide the best dry and discreet protection to fight against wetness and odor. As leakage happens ammonia allows odor causing bacteria to grow. But TENA's unique Super-Absorbent Technology is pH balanced to help control odor causing bacteria from building up and compromising your discretion. All TENA products utilize this formula for advanced protection against leaks.

Breathable Materials to Stay Dry

TENA Underwear and Briefs Go the Extra Step with cloth back sheets to allow for more air flow while still trapping in wetness and protecting skin and clothing. TENA Women and TENA Men underwear products along with our range of Brief products all possess the same protection along with additional absorbency in the "Blue Target Absorption Area" in the middle of the product. [show target] This combined with our Stretch products Breathable Air Dry Layer™ allows liquid and odors to stay in while allowing moisture vapor to escape.

Fight Odor By Staying Clean

The best way to fight against unwanted odor is to stay clean. TENA offers a full line of scented and unscented Creams and disposable or flushable wipes to help keep you feeling your freshest.

Fabulous product! Like soft cotton; non-irritating; very absorbent; odor absorbing; don't feel bulky. Love them!!

- TENA® Underwear Customer

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