Fearless Protection™ Gets a Fresh, New Face

The Fearless Protection of TENA has helped you get a new attitude. So, we’re doing the same with our product packages, giving them a look that’s brighter, fresher and full of life. Just like you.

Inside is the same Peace of Mind you trust, while outside, it’s a new look you’ll love.

Watch the video to learn more about our fresh, new face.

Which Packages Are Getting a New Look?

All the new package designs are for women's products. This includes liner and pad packages, but does not include women's underwear packages or any of our men's products. Here's the full list:

Visit our New Package Guide to browse the full list of products that are changing and see what the new packages look like.

How Will I Find My Favourite Product?

Here’re five tips that will make it fast and easy to find your favourite products in their fresh new look.
(Touch or roll your mouse cursor over the numbers below for details on our new package design.)

Look for the New Colours

We coloured the outside of the package with soft shades of yellow and green. Consider these fresh, contemporary colours a reflection of your femininity.

Notice the Bloom

The top right of our new packages have flower petals gently folding down the sides. This will help remind you of the clean, confident feeling TENA delivers.

Find the Small Package

A photo of the former package will live on our new packages. That way, you’ll know the newly designed package has the same protection you rely on inside.

Watch for the Lifestyle Strip

If you use a Stylish, Active or Anywhere product, you've probably noticed a strip of color on the package’s front. Those eye-catching icons and solid pink, orange or green lines are still there. Just look for your style to make sure you have the product that fits the way you live.

Check for the TENA Logo

We moved our logo down a bit. But rest assured that the quality and protection you've come to trust from TENA is still the same inside each newly designed package.

Trust TENA Protection

While we changed the design on the outside of our packages, the inside is the same. It still offers high-quality protection that lets you live each and every day with confidence.

What If My Store Has Old Packages?

Some stores still may have some of our older packages on hand. Don't worry. Those products will still deliver the protection you trust. Once all the older packages are sold out, you'll start to see the newly designed packages on store shelves. Then, just use the steps above to find your favourite essentials quickly and easily.

Check out our Products Page to find specific items, browse new package designs and shop online.

If you still have questions, please visit our Customer Service Page or call us 1.866.ASK.TENA.

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