Extended Care Settings - how can we help you?

We know that an extended care setting, such as long term care, is a very demanding workplace. Providing the best available care for each resident with the available resources requires a great deal of time and effort. Let TENA be of service with our total line of products and our range of services. In typical long term care, incontinence products account for approximately 10% of the budget, whereas continence care and dealing with the consequences of incontinence can translate into 15%. The costs of these consequences are where you can take advantage of TENA.

For example, with the right products and good-practice incontinence care routines, you can dramatically reduce product consumption, staff workloads, laundry and skin treatments. And, at the same time, you can provide the best available care for each individual resident.

When you want to take action, you can be supported every step of the way by TENA Programs.

And please take the time to have a look around the rest of the site. You can find detailed product information, and many other useful resources – everything we can help you with to provide better care at a lower total cost.