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As mentioned earlier, incontinence products are not taxed in Canada as they are deemed a necessity for daily living. In addition to this, there are several potential opportunities to help offset some of the costs. From tax credits provided by the Canada Revenue Agency to charities like the Easter Seal and MS Society, there are different programs for you to take advantage of. Whether you experience leakage often or infrequently, it’s worth looking into these potential methods of savings.

  • According to the Canada Revenue Agency, the cost of incontinence products due to illness are qualified medical expenses. Learn if you qualify, here.
  • The Easter Seal Society administers the Incontinence Supplies Grant Program for children and youth with chronic disabilities that result in irreversible incontinence. This grant offers funding to qualified families. To find out more about the program and the requirements, read more at
  • Some chapters of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, such as the Toronto Chapter, offer funding assistance for incontinence supplies for members. To see if you qualify for this great benefit, visit
  • Veteran Affairs Canada works to provide funding for various medical supplies used in a non-hospital setting such as incontinence supplies. Find out if you’re eligible at the Veteran Affairs Canada website.

As you can see, the potential savings on incontinence products are quite vast. Whether you take advantage of your local retailer’s loyalty program, snip the occasional coupon or qualify for government subsidies, there is a method of cutting costs that is right for you. But it’s important to know yourself and your leak in order to make the best possible decision. So, if you leak often or on occasion, be sure to reference our savings guide. And remember, even though TENA helps protect you from the Unexpected Leak™, you should also make a plan to protect your wallet, as well.

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