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Designed to encourage loyal buying behavior, retailer loyalty programs are marketing efforts that reward or provide incentive to customers in exchange for repeat purchases. Most of the major retailers offer some type of loyalty program and if right for you, should be taken advantage of. Although each retailer offers a different program, the concept for each is the same. By shopping frequently while participating in the program, you can build savings through discounts, points or rewards. Therefore by joining a loyalty program, the incontinence products you are already purchasing on a regular basis will then contribute to your points or rewards. You can then use these accumulated points to collect your favorite pads or liners at a discount (or even free!). So, by purchasing TENA at the same retailer often, you can actually save!

Expert tip: As a general rule for savings, we suggest taking advantage of loyalty programs in combination with coupons and sale prices. This way, you’re sure to get optimal savings when you utilize each method at your disposal.

Here’s what you need to know about the major Canadian retailer loyalty programs.

  • Shoppers Optimum Points – Shoppers Drug Mart
    Shoppers offers a point reward system, which they call Optimum Points. By simply shopping for what you need and love and swiping your Optimum card, you earn points on almost everything, every day. They even offer bonus points on special items in-store, as well incredible events in which you can earn points faster, so keep your eyes peeled! Don’t forget to sign-up for ‘My Optimum’ to receive personalized coupons and more. Now, what can you do with all these Optimum Points you’ve accumulated? Get free stuff, of course. Spend your optimum points on products you love and get up to $170 worth of free stuff. Remember, you can also transfer points to friends and family or donate your points to a participating charity. Learn more here.
  • PC Plus – President’s Choice Retailers
    To participate in the PC Plus program, simply download the free app, use your PC Financial debit or credit card or pick of up a free PC Plus card. Now you’re ready to start earning. When you shop and swipe your PC Plus card or app, you earn points and the program remembers what you buy and tailors offers specific to your spending habits. Once you save up points you can redeem them and get dollars off your grocery bill. To learn more about the benefits of the PC Plus program, as well as participating retailers, click here.

Where ever you choose to shop, be sure to know how each loyalty program works so you can save on the incontinence products you purchase frequently. Either redeem your accumulated points to purchase these products, or keep a close eye on special offers that allow you to save on your favorite TENA pads.
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