Your Outfit of the Day Guide: Winter - WOMEN

Looking Cool, Keeping Warm

Often a tricky time to nail a look, winter fashion requires utility and practicality in addition to style. There’s no sense in putting together an outfit that won’t keep you warm during those cold days and even colder nights. That’s why we’re all about pieces that focus on warmth, comfort and a put-together look.

In addition to looking cool while keeping warm, fashion can give you that extra boost of confidence. As they say, the way you look can really contribute to the way you feel. And with these easy tips, you can put this notion into practice and get the pep back in your step – even during the gloomy days of winter! With the right staple pieces, you can upgrade your wardrobe so it can keep you feeling (and looking) hot this season. So rather than dreading the cold, dark days ahead, take the opportunity to experiment with different looks. Whether it’s at work, out for dinner or out on a Sunday stroll, you’ll be on point if you follow our advice.

And to ensure your confidence is as high as it can possibly be, try pairing these on-trend looks with bladder leakage protection that will keep you feeling dry, protected and comfortable. With TENA, you’ll forget the worry associated with leaks and go on with living your life, all while showing off your assertive sense of style. The winter weather is not an excuse to stay in, nor is bladder leakage.

Now, let’s get to it. Here are the trends you should look out for this winter that will stand the test of time – and weather. So stop dreading the cold and start dressing for it. Let’s kick things off with outerwear and work our way in…


  • Our favorite way to combat the cold this winter is the classic Peacoat. Around for centuries, these coats were originally worn by the officers and chief petty officers in the US Navy. This season’s versions can be a little less serious with longer lengths and brighter colors. However, you can never go wrong with the traditional navy blue!
  • For a newer slant on outerwear, there are a variety of oversized coats that’ll keep your body temperature at a comfortable level this winter.
  • Or go with a pattern – Houndstooth is a sophisticated yet classic design, that’ll be sure to keep you stylish until the hounds come home.

Fur Stoles

  • There’s no better feeling than being cozy, especially in sub-zero temperatures. That’s why we’re loving fur stoles (faux fur, of course). Try wrapping one around your shoulders, held in place with your go-to belt, for a cozy cover-up. In the colder months, looking good is all about layering and this should be an essential piece in your wardrobe.
  • Historical Fashion Fact: The fur stole was originally a status symbol in European women’s fashion. Women wore them over their shoulders as a symbol of marital faithfulness and virtue. Thankfully, that’s out of style now…


  • Don’t just think jackets and gloves! We’re going for leather skirts and leggings this season to give you an extra layer of cool, while conveying a super refined look.
  • Black tends to be a classic choice when it comes to leather, something we’re totally on board with, but don’t be afraid to go with a neutral brown. Either are sure to stand the test of time.
  • Another Historical Fashion Fact: Leather goes as far back as prehistoric Man, when he used the skins of animals to make clothing, shelter, carpets and even decorative attire. Leather has remained a staple textile throughout history - think about the Wild West, where cowboys sported leather chaps. Wonder if that will ever make a comeback?


  • Prints are your opportunity to play around and be adventurous this season. From stripes to floral to animal, every fashion runway from New York to Paris incorporated some combination of prints..
  • Gingham, plaid, geometric, leopard, polka dots and everything in between, here’s your definitive guide to navigating the many prints of the season.

Midi Hems

  • Say so long to the mini-skirts of summer, and hello to the midi hems of winter. These skirts and dresses fall just above, at or below the knee to keep you considerably warmer.
  • The midi hem has an interesting past, click here to learn more about the controversial history of this hem.

OOTD – Wear it Right

Now that you have a grasp on all the season’s wardrobe essentials, it’s time to learn how to put together the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion. Because knowing what to wear is only half the battle, we’re going to tell you how to bring each look home. So whether you’re out braving Mother Nature or looking to impress your colleagues at the holiday party, here’s how to get it done:

The Holiday Party How-To

  • The work holiday party is a great opportunity to step outside the box and try something new. As it’s trickier to take risks inside the office, this is your chance to strut your stuff.
  • We recommend towing the line between edgy and classy with your favorite black leather pants and spicing things up with a floral patterned blouse.
  • To give your outfit that elegant finish, top it off with a fur stole to keep you looking cool and feeling warm. This outfit will be a breath of fresh air from the traditional ‘ugly holiday sweater’ your co-workers will likely be sporting. Been there, done that.
  • With your newfound confidence provided by your on-point outfit, keep up the trend by taking control of leaks with TENA STYLISH Ultra Thin Pads. Fearless protection doesn’t have to interfere with your style. That’s why these pads are form fitting, sleek and super absorbent so you can enjoy the party and not worry about running to the restroom. Think of TENA as your go-to accessory!

Stylish Stroll Through the City

  • For a night under the stars in the brisk air of the night, this is where you bundle up with your Peacoat layered over a fur stole.
  • Or switch things up with a midi length lacy skirt for the ultimate mix of textures. And not to worry, if you’re on trend with the oversized coat, your legs will be protected from the cold.
  • When navigating the constellations, chances are there won’t be a conveniently located restroom nearby. So be sure to use TENA WOMEN Protective Underwear that fit close to your body. Best of all, they feel just like regular underwear so you won’t notice a thing! This product will keep you feeling comfortable and secure, giving you the confidence to really embrace the season.

Getting Down to Business (Lunch)

  • Looking to impress a potential client over a business lunch? Make the smart choice by pairing your midi skirt with a tucked in turtleneck. This look is sure to keep it business casual in an elevated way.
  • Even though it’s a business lunch, there’s no reason you can’t add some pizzazz to your outfit with a vintage broach.
  • Keep your mind on the meeting and off of leaks with TENA InstaDRY pads that provide fearless protection you can count on. Don’t let the unpredictability of leaks affect your life or your career. With technology that quickly absorbs moisture and locks it away, TENA InstaDRY pads give you piece of mind so you can continue to be the you that shines through.

The same is true in fashion as it is in life – confidence is key. If you have the conviction to wear leather pants or a fur stole, you’re sure to not only look great, but feel great as well. The same can be said about bladder leakage. It’s important to remember that leaks don’t have to affect the way you live your life. Rather than worrying about your next leak and missing out on a function with family and friends, simply choose TENA to keep you protected.

Finally a product that I can wear with confidence. I know that when I'm multi-tasking, (coughing, sneezing, laughing and peeing), I'm protected.

- TENA Customer from Nova Scotia

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