Your Outfit of the Day Guide: Winter - MEN

Looking Cool, Keeping Warm

Often a tricky time to nail a look, winter fashion requires utility and practicality in addition to style. There’s no sense in putting together an outfit that won’t keep you warm during those cold days and even colder nights. That’s why we’re all about pieces that focus on warmth, comfort and a put-together look.

In addition to looking cool while keeping warm, fashion also can give you that extra boost of confidence. As they say, the way you look can really contribute to the way you feel. And with these easy tips, you can put this notion into practice and get the pep back in your step – even during the gloomy days of winter! With the right staple pieces, you can upgrade your wardrobe so it can keep you feeling (and looking) hot this season. So rather than dreading the cold, dark days ahead, take the opportunity to experiment with different looks. Whether it’s at work, out for dinner or out on a Sunday stroll, you’ll be on point if you follow our advice.

And to ensure your confidence is as high as it can possibly be, try pairing these on-trend looks with bladder leakage protection that will keep you feeling dry, protected and comfortable. With TENA, you’ll forget the worry associated with leaks and go on with living your life, all while showing off your assertive sense of style. The winter weather is not an excuse to stay in, nor is bladder leakage.

Now, let’s get to it guys. Here are the trends you should look out for this winter that will stand the test of time – and weather. So stop dreading the cold and start dressing for it. Let’s kick things off with outerwear and work our way in…


  • A throwback to the Mad Men era, a good topcoat is all the rave this season. The only jacket you’ll really need this winter, can take you from a day at the office to stepping out for milk in your sweats.
  • Whether it’s single or double breasted, oversized or even a bit slouchy, make sure yours is cut from wool to really nail the look.
  • What color, you may ask? The foolproof tone of the season is anything grey. You can never go wrong with this neutral, as it’s especially easy to pair with other items in your wardrobe.

Long Scarves

  • Probably one of the most essential pieces of the season, and for good reason, a long and chunky scarf will help you take on those subzero temperatures.
  • A long scarf with a slightly aristocrat air can really give you that refined look for more formal occasions, like heading to a work holiday party.
  • The great thing about scarves is the many ways you can wear one. Wrap it around your neck to show it off or keep it layered under your jacket for a more subtle look.
  • Scarves are also a great statement piece. So don’t be scared to experiment with louder patterns and vibrant colors to add some pizzazz to your outfit.

Patterned Shirts

  • To brighten up your winter, try switching things up with more unusual patterns like geometric prints. Or, get in the spirit of nature with inspired wildlife and floral shirts that will turn heads (in a good way).
  • Another interesting trend is oversized pockets. Cut from conspicuous and contrasting fabrics, you’ll finally have somewhere to put your larger than life smartphone! Don’t believe us? Check out GQ’s take on the oversized pocket.

Slim Ties

  • Another throwback to the 60’s is slim ties that have made a comeback thanks to the likes of Don Draper. This is a perfect example of how trends re-emerge over time!
  • The golden rule of rocking a slim tie is to keep the lapels of your jacket or coat narrow. This will keep you looking trim and sleek.
  • To finish it off, be sure to tie your tie properly! So instead of calling up your dad for a quick refresher on flawless execution, check out this video from the experts at the Tie Bar instead. Then you can call your dad.

Leopard Print

  • Yup, you heard it right. But leopard print doesn’t have to be as loud as you may think. Try a subtle tone-on-tone sweater to get yourself comfortable first.
  • Fashion risk takers dub this as one of the season’s most daring trends, and with high risk comes high reward. This look channels a rock n’ roll essence for a fun Friday night out on the town!

OOTD – Wear it Right

Now that you have a grasp on all the season’s wardrobe essentials, it’s time to learn how to put together the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion. Because knowing what to wear is only half the battle, we’re going to tell you how to bring each look home. So whether you’re out braving Mother Nature or looking to impress your colleagues at the holiday party, here’s how to get it done:

The Holiday Party How-To

  • The work holiday party is a great opportunity to step outside the box and try something new. As it’s trickier to take risks inside the office, this is your chance to strut your stuff.
  • We suggest going bold with a leopard print sweater. With this being your statement piece, be sure to pair it with something simple like your trusty black pants and black shoes. The look should be subtle, but impressive.
  • Your leopard sweater will be a breath of fresh air from the traditional ‘ugly holiday sweaters’ your co-workers will likely be sporting. Been there, done that.
  • With your newfound confidence in wearing a leopard print sweater, keep up the trend by taking control of pesky leaks with TENA MEN Protective Guards. Ultra-thin and secure with a cup shape design, you’ll be equipped with discreet protection that will get you through an interesting night with colleagues and family. After all, parties are meant to be enjoyed without the worry of locating the closest restroom.

Stroll Under the Stars

  • For a night under the stars in the brisk air of the night, this is where you bundle up with your topcoat and long scarf for a fashionable, yet functional look.
  • Try pairing your grey topcoat with a bold color or patterned scarf to give the outfit a fashion forward touch. And depending on the mood of the occasion, rock one of these 7 ways to tie up your scarf.
  • When navigating the constellations, chances are there won’t be a conveniently located restroom nearby. So, for heavier leaks, be sure to wear TENA MEN Protective Underwear that fit and feel like regular underwear! You won’t feel much besides the comfort of trusted protection.

Getting Down to Business (Lunch)

  • Looking to impress a potential client over a business lunch? Make the smart choice by pairing a patterned shirt with a slim tie.
  • Choose a shirt with a geometric pattern to keep it business casual and complement it with a textured tie. Combine this look with you classic grey suit from your fall wardrobe for a fresh take on your go-to outfit!
  • Keep your mind on the meeting and off of leaks with TENA MEN Protective Shields. As sleek as your outfit, these shields fit the male anatomy to give you the discreet protection you need and the confidence you crave.

The same is true in fashion as it is in life – confidence is key. If you have the conviction to wear leopard print to a work function, you’re sure to not only look great, but feel great as well. The same can be said about bladder leakage. It’s important to remember that leaks don’t have to affect the way you live your life. Rather than worrying about your next leak and missing out on a function with family and friends, simply choose TENA MEN to keep you protected.

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- TENA Customer in Halifax, NS

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