Summer Outfits for Men with Incontinence

Check out some combinations we feel work well with bladder leakage products. Walk around confident and carefree this summer knowing you’re looking good and protected from urine leaks and drips. Get out and go to the beach, hit the boardwalk, go for a summer drive with a special someone, or just relax and feel confident

Lightweight Trousers and a Polo Shirt

Three pieces that sit right in the smart-casual sweet spot, this combination is one to reach for when you want to look put together without sacrificing comfort. Fit and material choice are the most important considerations here. Both the trousers and polo shirt should be crafted from breathable cotton or linen and be cut slim (but not restrictively so) to maintain a tailored silhouette. Similarly, the loafers will ideally be made of lightweight suede and come in a summer-ready colourway like tan or beige. Don’t forget the invisible socks – no one wants to deal with the squelchy reality of going barefoot in the heat.

Breton Top and White Trousers

A nautical-inspired pairing, matching a classic Breton top with summer-ready white trousers is a move that signals Riviera sophistication. It’s imperative that the trousers are cut slim through the leg and are slightly cropped or have a minimal break, as white is notoriously unforgiving and any excess fabric pooling at the ankles will look sloppy, like Simon Cowell at a pool party. As for the top, there are plenty of variations, spanning colours, necklines and short as well as long sleeves. For a classic example that’ll sit well on its own or under a deconstructed blazer, choose a darker shade with thin, rather than block, stripes. Although it may be tempting to reach for the boat shoes here, doing so can push the look into the realm of costume, so try a smart pair of loafers or Derbies instead.

Tailored Shorts, A Tee and an Unstructured Blazer

Summer is the perfect time to show off a set of hard-won calves. However, even at casual events, no one wants to be the most dressed-down guy in the room, which can make sliding into shorts problematic. Fortunately, there’s always the unstructured blazer on hand to smarten things up. Throwing this relaxed piece of tailoring over a Henley or T-shirt and anchoring with breathable summer footwear such as loafers or driving shoes is a surefire way to look stylish, but not stuffy.

A Cool Summer Evening

Even during summer, some places can get a little chilly at night. Not thick-turtleneck-and-wool-socks chilly, but still brisk enough that you want something covering your arms and legs. A light cotton or linen (or both) sweater with jeans and a tee is your perfect answer to the chill in the air.

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