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Just because your bladder is changing, doesn't mean you have to. Many things can trigger your unexpected leak – pregnancy, childbirth, prescription drugs, being overweight - even laughing, coughing or simply aging. But there’s no reason this should prevent you from doing all the things you want.

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TENA gives you the freedom from worrying about a leak, and instead allows you to push anxiety away, so you can be your natural, real self. And you're not alone, millions of women and men experience unexpected leaks. Visit our Fearless Stories section to get some inspiration or go ahead and share your story to help others.

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You may wonder how TENA packs so much absorbency into such thin and discreet products! Our unique Super-Absorbent Technology locks away moisture and neutralizes odor. But what makes our products better? Read on about the technology that makes TENA the superior choice for preventing the Unexpected Leak.

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I could actually sleep like a baby because I did not have to worry about the damage I could do. Peace of mind. So no fear at night.

- TENA® Customer from Quebec City, QC

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